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May 29, 2017

A listener named Daisy describes her despair at being unable to have a baby, despite intensive efforts at a fertility clinic. She gets well-meaning messages from friends, family and support groups that she really needs a baby in order to feel truly happy and fulfilled, and these messages make her feel anxious and depressed. But she wonders whether this is really true. Does she really need a baby to feel happy?

In fact, we we get all kinds of messages from society that we need certain things in order to feel worthwhile, including:

  • Achievement / Success / Wealth
  • Intelligence
  • Perfection
  • Love
  • Approval
  • Popularity
  • Good looks

Are these things really needs? Listen to today’s podcast and you may be surprised by the answer!

In the next three podcasts, David and Fabrice will discuss three powerful uncovering techniques that can help you pinpoint the Self-Defeating Beliefs that may be at the root of your own unhappiness and anxiety. These include the Individual Downward Arrow Technique, the Interpersonal Downward Arrow Technique, and the What-If Technique. After that, David and Fabrice will also describe some powerful techniques to help you change the way you think and feel!