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Oct 8, 2018

A podcast listener asked about what techniques David is the most proud of. We briefly discuss each one on today’s podcast. So here they are!

  1. The list of Ten Cognitive Distortions
  2. The Disarming Technique and Law of Opposites
  3. The Externalization of Voices plus Acceptance Paradox
  4. The two classic Uncovering Techniques: the Individual and Interpersonal Downward Arrow
  5. The Feared Fantasy and Acceptance Paradox
  6. The Experimental Technique for extremely rapid treatment of patients with Panic Attacks
  7. My published research with colleagues in the mid-1970s did not support the popular notion that depression results from a chemical imbalance in the brain
  8. Brief Mood Survey
  9. Positive Reframing
  10. The use of extended, two-hour therapy sessions