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Apr 22, 2019

Hi Podcast Fans,

There have been many requests for more podcasts on how we would treat trauma, using the TEAM-CBT model. I have done at least 25 workshops on the treatment of trauma in the past several years, and always do a live therapy demonstration at the end of day 1, so people can see with their own eyes how TEAM-CBT actually works. About three years ago, I did a live demonstration with a wonderful woman named Sherrie who was extremely anxious about a traumatic event involving her husband a year earlier. Sherrie kindly and courageous gave me permission to share the audio tract with you. I think you'll really enjoy the session! I want to thank Sherrie for giving us this gift! I also want to thank my co-therapist during the session, Mike Christensen, who is Canada's top expert in TEAM-CBT. Here's our photo at the workshop:

While you are listening, you may want to take a look at Sherrie's Daily Mood Log, which describes the trauma, along with her negative thoughts and feelings. We will publish the first half of the session in this podcast, and the end of the session in the next podcast. We'll also include a live, three-year follow-up with Sherrie that we recorded recently.

Dr. Rhonda and I will make some teaching comments on the session as well.

David and Rhonda