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Apr 29, 2019

This is the second of two podcasts on the Story of Sherrie, who experienced some of the symptoms of PTSD after a traumatic event involving her husband. In the first podcast, we played the T, E, and A portions of the session. In this podcast, we will play the M = methods as well as the conclusion of this amazing session. 

Dr. Rhonda and I will make some teaching comments on the session as well.

If you'd like to see Sherrie's end-of-session Daily Mood Log, click here

After the session, Sherrie received some notes from others in the audience.


I think what stood out for me in that session was your authenticity. No mask, no defenses. I fell like we can't really appreciate what our clients are doing when they open themselves up to face their fears until we do it honestly ourselves, and you did--in front of all of us! I feel it was a gift you gave us and I thank you!


Here's another note for Sherrie:

Sherrie, You Rock--I love you--and never met you before tonight. :) 

You cried.

You laughed.

You said No. 

You said Yes. 

You woke up!

You're a Brave Woman!

What a lucky husband you've got!

Thank you.

A sister, a colleague, 


And another.

To Sherrie

Your session--that was brave!

Shows strong commitment to yourself and to the people you work with. You will be more effective stronger, real, fee, and go even deeper with your clients.


If you want to send a message to Sherrie, use the comment feature below, and I will be sure to forward your thoughts to her! 

When people learn about the incredibly rapid recoveries that I am so often seeing with TEAM, they always ask about whether the effects last,or whether the dramatic changes are just a flash in the pan. Of course, Relapse Prevention Training is critical, as negative thoughts and feelings will tend to come back over and over for all of us. That's just part of the human experience. And if you know how to deal with these occasional "relapses," you don't have to worry about them, because you'll know how to crush the negative thoughts and feelings pretty fast.


At any rate, Sherrie's session was more than three years ago, and here's an email I got from her a couple weeks ago:

Hi David. I always enjoy hearing from you!

I agree for you to show the video at the summer intensives, I am actually quite proud of it all so have nothing to hide! You can also do it as a podcast, whatever is workable. I have looked at the podcasts you sent and they look wonderful so will certainly listen to what I can over time!

Okay, so for an update and thank you for asking.  The year after my cancer, my husband had his heart attack, so that was four years ago. He is, thank G-d, wonderfully healthy. There is no heart damage and he can do everything he wants to do. And he is even getting better at taking his pills, so I don't have to remind him so much.

I have a question for you as what you do is not what I can or want to do. I think you said you were 75 when we met in the training. So what I don't get is how do you have the energy to see clients, write books, do podcasts, travel all over and do workshops etc? How do you fit all that in? You must want to!

All the best and enjoy spring!


Thanks for listening! David and Rhonda

Oh, my secret is that I am almost always doing what I want to do. Teaching and treating colleagues with TEAM give me tremendous energy, except when I screw up, which is fairly often! But I'm used to making errors by now, and I really love what I do, so I don't think of it as "work," but more like having fun hanging out with friends. It is a bit like when you were a kid and got to go out and play after dinner! That was THE BEST!