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Jul 8, 2019

How would you overcome the fear of aging?

Can you use TEAM for sports psychology?

Describe your typical day, David--
do you ever get down or anxious?

Hi Listeners:

Thanks for your many and awesome questions. I love to answer them! And there will be more to come in future podcasts. Your questions are GREAT! 

  1. Vipul: Tell us about your new book, Feeling Great. How will it be different from Feeling Good? And can people with schizoaffective disorder be helped? (story with Stirling Moorey)
  2. Guy: What’s a nervous breakdown?
  3. Rob: How would you treat a field goal kicker who’s afraid of missing the winning field goal? Would you use positive visualizations?
  4. Michael: How would you treat someone with the fear of aging? I turn 60 in a few months, and have been experiencing anxiety around not be able to do some of the things I love as I age.
  5. Hidem: How fast is fast? I notice your frequent use of the term "High Speed Recovery" (and even Warp Speed) when describing the benefits of TEAM CBT. How rapidly does the average patient recover?
  6. Brittany: I had an idea that I think would benefit a lot of us. I’d like you to do a podcast on a week or a day in your life. The ups & downs of your moods, triggers, etc., & most importantly how you deal with them. Do you write out your own Negative Thoughts a Daily Mood Log?

Thank you for all of your great questions, comments, and testimonials! Rhonda and I really appreciate that!  

David and Rhonda

PS Here's a great question we did not get to today. We'll do it in a future Ask David, as it's really important. 

  1. Rubens: What can you do when you can’t identify your negative thoughts? I get anxious, but don’t seem to have any negative thoughts. Is it really true that our feelings always result from negative thoughts?