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Sep 14, 2020

Rhonda begins with a plug for David’s new book, Feeling Great, which will be released on Amazon, on September 15, the day after after this podcast will be published. You can check it out at the link at the bottom of today's show notes.

Today and next week you will hear parts 1 and 2 of a live therapy session I (David) did with Neil Sattin, host of his own terrific “Relationship Alive” podcast, which has received 5 million downloads. But as you know, we all sometimes need a little mental tune-up, including therapists. The session you are about to hear occurred on March 23, 2020, when the pandemic shut-down first occurred.

Rhonda begins today’s podcast with a moving email from a fan who heard Neil's live therapy session with David on Neil’s Relationship Alive podcast. Then Neil explains how his  work on troubled relationships were born out of his work as a dog trainer, and he saw many similarities with relationship issues! In addition to hosting his popular podcast, Nel does coaching for individuals and troubled couples.

Neil explains that, “I’ve always been a person who people have turned to for relationship help. I saw the struggles my parents experienced, and I have experienced my own struggles, and I wanted to figure out how we might use struggles to deepen and improve relationships, so people can thrive and get past those challenging moments.

Prior to his personal work with David, Neil sought help from a cognitive therapist, but it wasn’t helpful thought. Neil thought it was too formulaic, a sentiment that David agrees with. Neil prefers working “in the moment,” the way David does therapy.

Today, you will hear the T = Testing and E = Empathy portions of Neil’s TEAM therapy session with David, and next week you will hear the A = Assessment of Resistance and M = Methods portions.

You can check out the Daily Mood Log that David and Neil filled out at the beginning of session. As you can see, the upsetting event was simply feeling like he hadn’t gotten enough done when evening approached. Perhaps you’ve sometimes felt like that, too!

You can also see that Neil had many negative feelings. Most were intense and Neil felt overwhelmed. He was telling himself there was way too much to do, that he was incapable of getting organized, and that he was going to end up unhealthy, weak and broke. These were messages he’d heard from his dad when he was growing up: “You’ve gotta clean your room. . . You’ll never succeed.”

Tearfully, Neil says, “I’ve always wanted his blessing. . . but I’ve never gotten it. I wish he could see my role in the world, the impact I’ve been making, and I wish he would admire it! . . . I love him dearly, but there are things I just don’t understand, things that have been the sources of my sadness and anger ”

Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of the session!

Rhonda and David