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Sep 20, 2021

Podcast 260

TEAM-CBT Games, featuring Amy, Heather, and Brandon

In today’s podcast, three of our most creative TEAM therapists describe a number of innovative games they’ve created to facilitate learning key TEAM-CBT techniques in group settings. Our guests are:

Amy Specter: Amy is a Level 3 certified TEAM therapist, licensed marriage and family therapist and credentialed school counselor. She works with at-risk youth in schools and has an online private practice specializing in shyness and breakup recovery. She can be reached at For a free copy of Flirty Dice or to purchase Tune In, Tune Up head over to


Amy Spector

Brandon Vance, MD: Brandon is a Level 4 certified TEAM trainer and therapist for individuals, couples and groups.  His most recent TEAM related project is an international book club to support people in reading Feeling Great. He can be reached at:

Brandon Vance, MD

Heather Clague, MD

Heather Clague, MD is a Level 4 certified TEAM therapist and psychiatrist who works in private practice and at Highland General Hospital in Oakland.  In addition to teaching and writing about TEAM CBT, she runs Berkeley Improv that holds in-person and online improv classes for all levels. You can reach Heather at:

Tune In / Tune Up, a card game which features spontaneous speaking situations using the Five Secrets of Effective Communication.  Heather, Brandon, and Amy guided us while we played and explained each of the following games during the podcast:

  • Love Feast, where you make fake, over the top introductions of other people in the group
  • Flirty Dice, where you have to flirt with some using a specified facial expression, a specified type of question, and a specific affect.
  • Future Projection, where you talk back to a Negative Thought from the perspective of your wiser, happier self from the future.

The group also discussed how these types of games can help individuals with social anxiety develop greater courage, spontaneity, and interpersonal skills.

We also did a group Shame Attacking exercise and briefly described the use of this tool in the treatment of social anxiety.

You can also reach Heather, Brandon, and Amy at the Feeling Great Therapy Center, where you’ll find links to Tune In / Tune Up, Flirty Dice and more Improv Games.


Rhonda and David