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Mar 25, 2019

Mission Accomplished!

Dear Feeling Good Podcast fans,

I am profoundly sad to say goodbye to my beloved friend and terrific podcast host, Dr. Fabrice Nye, who is leaving the podcast to start his own show this spring. I wish him well on his new podcast he'll be releasing soon. I'll share the specifics when they become available so loyal fans can tune in and follow him!

What a joyous experience it has been working with Fabrice for the last three years. He proposed the idea of a weekly podcast in the fall of 2016 and we produced episode #001 on October 27 of that year. Together we have been able to share TEAM-CBT with many enthusiastic listeners, and just exceeded more than 70,000 downloads monthly. Please join me in wishing him well!

My feelings of profound loss are comforted by welcoming another dear friend and colleague, Dr. Rhonda Barovsky, our new host. Rhonda and I look forward to creating many more fabulous podcasts for all of you.

Rhonda received her doctoral degree in Forensic Psychology from the Eisner Institute for Professional Studies in 2013. Throughout her career, she has been a champion of women’s rights and defender of the victims of childhood sexual abuse. Rhonda is the founder of the San Francisco Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Program and has served as Director of San Francisco Family Court Services. She has also worked at the San Francisco Rape Treatment Center, providing crisis and short-term counseling for adult survivors of sexual assault and their families.

Rhonda is a certified TEAM-CBT therapist and esteemed teacher. In her clinical practice, she focuses on TEAM-CBT for adults struggling with depression, anxiety disorders, and relationship problems.

She brings warmth, enthusiasm and brilliance to her new role as host of the Feeling Good Podcasts:

"I am extremely honored to be invited to host the Feeling Good Podcast with Dr. David Burns. Fabrice Nye has been a visionary, and his shoes will be impossible to fill. I hope to add to the joy and excitement of learning and teaching TEAM-CBT along with David and having lively and productive discussions.” Dr. Rhonda Barovsky

Rhonda and I will be posting two surveys shortly on my website,, to find out more about you. I want to find out if you are a therapist or non-therapist, and what kinds of topics might interest you the most.

And unlike some tech giants, we promise to keep your information totally confidential. We don’t sell information; we just want to do the best job we can for therapists and non-therapists alike, for free. If you are a "patient," we want to accelerate your learning and your recovery as well. If you are a "therapist," we want to help you improve you skills and your joy in your clinical work. 

I put the words, "patient" and "therapist" in quotes, because the line between the two is very narrow indeed! As "therapists," most of us struggle at times with the same human dilemmas that our patients face. And as we do our own personal work, as therapists, we bring far more healing and compassion to our work with our "patients!"

On the show, Fabrice and David share fondest memories of the show, and Rhonda talks about new directions as she becomes the host of the Feeling Good Podcast. Fabrice also gives some hints about his new show, which will be broadcast in French and English. Fabrice will describe and translate new developments in psychology research and relate the findings to our daily lives. 

Thank you so much for your awesome support over the past 2 ½ years!