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May 13, 2019

Do I have ADHD? Is it a real disorder? 

Hi podcast fans,

Today we've got some terrific questions that you have submitted.

General Questions

  1. Jose and Bri both asked: How would you treat hypochondria?
  2. Christian: How would you treat an abuse survivor? I’ve heard that talk therapy is inadequate for healing trauma!
  3. Ted: Is there such a thing as healthy euphoria?
  4. Hillary: Would you do a podcast covering the treatment of mania?
  5. Jim: I think I have ADHD, but some doctors claim it’s not a true diagnosis. What do you think?
  6. Dan: What your thoughts are on LSD in the treatment of depression and anxiety?

I could not get to all of your excellent questions in the time provided. The next time we do Ask David with general questions, we will include these:

  1. Guy: What’s a nervous breakdown?
  2. Rob: How would you treat a field goal kicker who’s afraid of missing the winning field goal? Would you use positive visualizations?
  3. Michael: How would you treat someone with the fear of aging? I turn 60 in a few months!
  4. Hidem: How fast is fast? You seem to get super-fast recoveries from your patients most of the time. How about other therapists? How rapidly does the average patient recover> 
  5. Rubens: What you can do when you're upset but can't identify any negtaive thoughts?

Next week, our Ask David will focus on questions about relationship conflicts and problems. Rhonda and I have lots of other cool programs planned in upcoming weeks.

Thanks for tuning in today, and over the past months. We will hit one million downloads in a week or two (this is April, 2019). Rhonda, Fabrice, and I deeply appreciate your support!

David and Rhonda