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Jan 27, 2020

Rhonda, Fabrice, and David discuss psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, Fabrice’s wonderful new marriage, his fascinating new podcast (, and more.

David and Rhonda are thrilled to have our beloved friend and colleague, Dr. Fabrice Nye, as the special guest on today’s podcast. Many of you will...

Jan 20, 2020


Rhonda and David discuss two challenging questions submitted by listeners like you. 

Question #1: Cindy asks: My suicidal daughter refuses to talk to me! What can I do?

Comment: Dear David,

I stumbled upon you teaching in another podcast a few months ago. Immediately I was stunned by how much your words echoed in...

Jan 13, 2020

Rhonda and David address a question from Karolina, a therapist in Poland who was failing with a depressed patient who felt totally convinced he was a “useless” human being. I think you will find their discussion of this case fascinating, as it deals with the cause of practically ALL therapeutic failure, and...

Jan 6, 2020

People in the featured photo for today's podcast. Back row: Amir, David, Rhonda, and Dave. Front row: Steve and Barb

This will be our first podcast of 2020, so we wanted to make it a really good one!

Rhonda, Dave and I are very proud to welcome Steve Reinhard and his wonderful wife, Barb, on today’s podcast. Steve and...