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Jun 7, 2021

Ask Rhonda, Matt, and David!

Tips for Joy and more!

In today’s Ask David, we are honored to feature Matthew May, MD, a former student of David’s during his psychiatric residency training, and now esteemed colleague.

Rhonda and David are thrilled that Matt can join us, not only because he is a dear and loved colleague, but also because he is one of the greatest therapists on planet earth! Plus, he’s an incredibly gentle and compassionate man.

  1. Rhonda Asks: What is the most effective way to help a suicidal patient?
  2. Rhonda Asks: How would you teach, the technique, Thinking in Shades of Grey to therapists or patients?
  3. Brian Asks: Any tips for joy?
  4. ThisLife asks: "Could you possibly explain why Albert Elis thinks the three valid uses of shoulds are valid, and provide the source where he explain this point, if convenient?”
  5. Mark Asks: Why is trying to change a person or help fix a person's emotional problems insulting? And how can I stop this habit?

Along the same lines, EJG asks, “What’s the best way to help people who don’t want any help?”

Rhonda and David