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Jul 11, 2022

Podcast #300: Celebrating Five Million Plus

 In today’s podcast, we celebrate, thanks to Rhonda and Fabrice, our 300th podcast, featuring some of our most beloved guests since our first podcast on October 27, 2016. We began with Fabrice Nye, who describes the birth of the Feeling Good Podcast, and two of our favorite and most popular guests, Drs. Matthew May and Jill Levitt. The schedule for all of the guests appears below.

The featured guests include Fabrice Nye, Matthew May, Jill Levitt, Angela Krumm, Lorraine Wong, Kyle Jones, Brandon Vance, Heather Clague, Leigh Harrington, Sarah Hester, Brian Wright, Mark Noble, Thai-An Truong, Stirling Moorey, Rose Markotic, Mark Taslimi, Sunny Choi and Elizabeth Dandenell.

Time Featured Guests

Fabrice Nye, The father of us all! #177, Research in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Matt May, co-therapist with David: live therapy with Marilyn & me,

Many, many Ask David episodes,

#265, Exposure to Leeches with Danielle Kamis

Jill Levitt, David’s co-therapist doing personal work with David, plus

#146, When Helping Doesn’t Help


Angela Krumm (#270-losing weight & flirting),

Lorraine Wong (#155-treating emotional eating &

#257 Intensives),

Kyle Jones (Dating strategies, #151-Treating LGBTQ,

#157-Psychotherapy Training, and #267-Talking to loved ones who criticize your sexual orientation


Brandon Vance-

#160 Listening to the Music of TEAM

#161, Music under what someone is saying

#249, Report on Feeling Great Book Clubs

#260, TEAM games (with Amy Spector)

Heather Clague-(All of the above except #249)


Leigh Harrington, #279, Goal setting for Habits & Addictions

Sarah Hester,#181, Live therapy, treatment of panic and insecurity, #193, Relapse

2:20-2:30 Brian Wright, #235, Anger in Marriage/5 Secrets Revisited

Mark Noble, #100, The New Micro-Neurosurgery,

#167, TEAM and the Brain,

#275, His latest thinking on how the molecular biology of stress & learning are consistent with TEAM, plus his chapbook on TEAM

Thai-An Truong, #178, co-therapist with David at Atlanta Intensive Social Anxiety Be Gone,

#218, Postpartum Depression,

#264, How to get laid with help from the 5-Secrets

#283, The “O” of OCD


Stirling Moorey, #280, A Beloved Voice from the past,

#289 & 290, A case of social anxiety, personal work with Anita


Rose Markotic, #252 & 253, Sadness as Celebration

Mark Taslimi, #29-35, Live sessions with Mark, “I’m a failure as a father.”

#141, 2-Year follow up “I’ve been a failure as a father.”


Sunny Choi, #214 & 215, The Approval Addiction

Elizabeth Dandenell, #240 & 241, struggling with anxiety and fear of poverty.


Rhonda, Fabrice and I want to thank all of our guests who have contributed so generously to our efforts, and to all of you, who have supported us!

Most of the guests today have done personal work with David, often with Jill, Matt, or Rhonda as co-therapists, and almost all had some version of “I’m not good enough” when they were upset, and all found solutions to this which expanded their humanness and deepened their skills as TEAM therapists.  Our guests who did personal work were asked how things had been for them since doing that work, and they all reported that the results have been long-lasting, even permanent!

In the following email I just received, Dr. Matthew May shared some feelings about today’s show.

Hi David,

I like the show notes and approve of their humble nature.  Brevity is the soul of wit!

If I were to edit anything, and I’m not sure that I would, it would be to list all the names of all the excellent folks who participated, in the first paragraph.

My sense is that it was their vulnerability, as well as their willingness to do challenging personal work, that led to enduring improvements in mood, relationships and lives.

I thought it was the personal endorsements and descriptions of how TEAM has improved their lives, that were the most compelling themes of the podcast.

Adding to this, it goes without saying, that none of this would have happened without you, David.  You created this model of therapy for one thing.  You also created this community of people.  As you said before the podcast started, the most meaningful and important part of all of this has been the relationships and friendships that have developed as a result of this work.  (I’m paraphrasing and not doing a very good job of it, sadly!).

In any case, I caught myself wondering if this format of therapy, one that is public and open, might be the future.  Meaning, instead of hiding our flaws and insecurities behind closed doors, if we might continue to attack the shame and stigma of “mental illness” by exposing it to the light of day, realizing that there was nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of, only opportunities to connect and be in the good company of other flawed, imperfect souls, just like us.


Fabrice replied to Matt:

Early Christians were doing their confessions in public—why not? ☺

Our numbers continue to grow each month, so please continue to tell your friends about us. We do not accept commercial advertising, something Fabrice suggested early in our development, so you are our only marketing team, and we thank you for sticking with us and sending us so many beautiful emails, reporting your responses to our shows, asking questions, and suggesting new topics.

Our audience consists of lay people looking for personal healing as well as mental health professionals looking for new treatment tools as well as their own personal healing.

Warmly, Fabrice, Rhonda, Matt and David