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Sep 25, 2023

Shoulds and More with

our Beloved Fabrice!

Three little words that will make your life miserable are “shoulds,” “wants,” and “needs,” says Dr. Fabrice Nye, the father / creator of the Feeling Good Podcast several years ago.

But for the purpose of this episode, we’ll add a fourth word, “Musts,” which...

Sep 18, 2023


The End? . . . or the Beginning?

Rhonda starts today’s podcast, as usual, with a warm endorsement from Sally, a podcast fan who really liked Podcast 355 on the topic of “Relationship Problems: Be Gone!” She said the role-play demonstrations were “incredible” and especially helpful. We’ll keep...

Sep 11, 2023

361: Cultivating Delight

Today we feature Dr. Angela Krumm, Clinical Director at the Feeling Good Institute (FGI) in Mountain View, Ca, and Zane Pierce, LMFT, a Level 3 TEAM therapist at FGI, on a novel and arguably controversial tool which is not aimed at reducing negative feelings, but rather boosting...

Sep 4, 2023

360: The Story of Indrani

“Why can’t I get close to my
daughter who I love so much?”

Today, we present Part 2 of the awe-inspiring work that David and Jill did with Indrani in the Tuesday group at Stanford. Indrani was a mother with a heart-breaking but all-too-common story of a conflict with her daughter....